Organizations Stepping Up

Utilities and Communication Services

AT & T – AT& T is  proud to support customers by pledging that, for the next 60 days, they will:

  • Not terminate service because of inability to pay, wireless, home phone or broadband residential or small business customer because of their inability to pay their bill due to disruptions caused by COVID-19;
  • Waive late payment fees that any wireless, home phone or broadband residential or small business customer may incur due to economic hardships related to COVID 19;
  • Keep public wi-fi hotspots open.
  • Waive any domestic voice and data overage fees for their customers nationwide and those fees will be retroactively waived, dating back to March 13th
  • Will continue to offer internet access for qualifying limited income households at $10 per month through their Access from AT&T program and offer new Access from AT&T customers two months of free service. 
  • Click here to read.  

Atlanta Gas Light – AGL will not terminate services for customers due to nonpayment amid COVID-19 concerns untl April 13th.  For more, click here

Carroll EMC– Carroll EMC will temporarily suspend disconnecting service for non payment and instead work with members on a case-by-case basis.

Charter:  Charter Communications/ Spectrum plans to offer:

  • Free internet to students without access to COVID -19 forces schools to switch to online learning.  Beginning March 16, the company commits to offering free internet for 60 days to households with K-12 or college students who don’t already have a Spectrum subscription. 
  • It is also opening WI-FI hotspots for public use.
  • Will partner with school districts to ensure communities are aware of the tools to help students learn remotely.

Comcast:  Comcast has been  coordinating with emergency management, health officials and other government leaders to support the collective effort to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.  They announced the implementation of the following new policies for the next 60 days:

  • Providing free basic internet for low-income families for 60 days
  • Offering free access to Xfinity WiFi hotspots including non subscribers for 60 days
  • Unlimited data to its customers for no extra charge
  • No disconnect fees or late fees.
  • Click here to read. 

Cricket Wireless will:

  • Waive reactivation fee and the automated phone system fee that applies to service payments.
  • Offer BridgePay, which lets you split your current bill into two payments, giving you an additional 7 days to pay. 
  • Click here for more info.

Enterprise – The car rental company will:

  • Reduce the minimum age for renting a car to 18 through May 31 to make it easier for students to get home to their families due to the suspension of college courses. See rules here. 

Georgia Power– Georgia Power will temporarily suspend residential disconnections for the next 30 days and reevaluate the policy and timeframe as the situation develops. Click here to read.

Greystone Power – Greystone Power will suspend disconnecting service for non payment and instead work with members on a case-by-case basic.  Click here to read. 

T-Mobile:  T-Mobile is providing for the next 60 days:

  • Unlimited data to all current customers who have data plans
  • Provide additional data to mobile hotspot users.

Verizon – Verizon will:

  • Waive late fees for 60 days from March 16 through May 16.
  • Will not terminate service to a customer who has been impacted by the events involving COVID-19.
  • More information is here. 

Capital ONe, Citi and Wells Fargo banks have all issued statements indicating that they are willing to work with customers that experience financial difficulties. Citi issued a statement that for 30 days, small business customers are eligible to have their monthly service fees waived. Citi is also waiving the fees on early CD withdrawals.  Wells Fargo donated $6.25 million in aid to help the public relief effort. The bank also encouraged customers that are experiencing financial hardship to contact customer service for assistance. 

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