Letter from 2018 Chairman of the Board

Dear friends of Carroll County and the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce,  

 I am honored to serve as the Chair of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce for 2018. This year marks the 63rd year of the Chamber being a leading influence in our community’s development and success. It is inspiring to consider our past accomplishments and the planning and implementation that it took to achieve them. However, as we all know, we must look to the future and prepare for an ever-changing business environment to continue our successes.


The Chamber stands ready to serve as a resource and advocate for our businesses, members, and community allowing us to be “Champions for Success”. This theme aligns closely to one of my personal passions which is team sports. Growing up as a child I played on various teams, and now as a father, I am often on the sidelines coaching my own children. I have always loved the competitiveness of sports, and even more so, the satisfaction that comes when a team pulls together and attains more than each one could individually. I believe all great teams have a few common attributes including strong leadership, shared vision and not focusing on who gets the credit.


I have witnessed these same attributes at work within our businesses, Chamber and Carroll County. Our solid leadership is forward thinking, and it has been for decades. We should thank our prior leaders when we have the opportunity as their influence contributed to our past achievements and makes future successes more easily attainable. Chamber members, staff, board, community leaders, and businesses are working towards a common vision, goals and objectives. Without this type of collective commitment, we could not accomplish as much and would not live up to our community’s potential. Lastly, there truly is a “TEAM me” environment in Carroll County which allows us to achieve much more together than if each of us was just working alone.


I am excited about what we will accomplish this year as we strive to be “Champions for Success”. Please contact me at mwindom@ccwageorgia.com to share your successes or to provide any ideas or suggestions for improvements within our Chamber.

All the Best, 



Matt Windom  

2018 Chairman of the Board


Click here to download the 2018 Program of Work.