Why Buy from Local Farms?



Good for the environment

The average food product from the grocery store has traveled 1300 miles to get to your dinner plate. Farms produce food and fiber, protect open space and provide wildlife habitat, all contributing to our quality of life.


Food Security

Supporting local farms helps secure our future. A reliable local supply of food is important for times of scarcity, threats of terrorism, and global food contamination issues. A balance of small, mid and large sized farms are all important in the equation. All farms of various sizes occupy important niches in the fabric of today's agricultural landscape.


Good for the local economy

Farms help keep taxes low as they require fewer community services than land in other uses. Each dollar earned on the farm multiplies 4 times in the local economy– support services for farms are mainly locally owned businesses.

Eating locally is not only healthy, it also helps our economy by supporting sustainable farms and businesses right here in west Georgia.

The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension

 Carroll County

900 Newnan Road

Carrollton, GA 30117






Local Farmer Markets



Cotton Mill Farmers Market

Saturdays 8 am - 12 pm  (rain or shine)

Mid April thru September

609 Dixie Street (right beside Keep Carroll Beautiful building)

Contact:  conntonmillfm@yahoo.com

Contact:  Wendy Crager, 770-537-3720



Villa Rica

Market @ THE MILL Farmers' Market

Tuesdays 4-7 pm

June thru October

106 Temple Street, Villa Rica, GA 30180 (Temple Street Parking Lot)

Contact:  Carmon Williams at 678-563-5191