Your Advocate

The Government Affairs Council supports our diverse business community by representing the interests of business in government and political action. The committee monitors legislative and policy issues at the local, state and federal levels and the impact of these issues on business. The committee may draft and recommend to the Board positions on issues to be adopted and advocated to government officials, membership and the public.

Goal: To represent the business interests of Carroll County to local, regional, state and federal policymakers.


  • Discuss/support the Georgia Chamber Legislative agenda
  • Advise Chamber Board/membership on legislative issues and determine official positions when appropriate
  • Coordinate the Carroll County Day at the State Capitol
  • Coordinate a US Legislative Forum
  • Coordinate the Membership Legislative Breakfast
  • Represent the Chamber at legislative functions
  • Coordinate the legislative reception following the Georgia session
  • Coordinate the legislative trip to Washington DC
  • Look for opportunities for training, forums, briefings, etc for legislative issues
  • Encourage good leaders to run for elected positions
  • Track, communicate and participate, where appropriate, on issues such as transportation, housing and broadband access


  • Carroll County Day at the Capitol 
  • Legislative Reception 
  • Congressional Dinner
  • Washington Flyin
  • Legislative Breakfast